Want to change your blog from a zero to a hero in 5 easy steps?

Get ready!

Follow these 5 simple steps and your on your way to becoming a master blogger!

Step 1:  Write your articles with keywords in mind

This is all about search engine ranking here.  

If you want visitors to your blog, no matter how well written your blog posts are, no
one is going to read them if they never find your site.

Take the time to think of keywords you would like to rank for in search engines, and write your articles based on those keywords.

Step 2:  Write an amazing “About” page

People want to read articles about things that they want to know more about.

You need to be able to show them that you are an expert and why they
should trust/listen to you.  

You also want to put your best foot forward with your new audience.  There
are so many places on the internet where people can find similar information.

Let your audience know why they should come to you for the information.

Step 3:  If your selling something, don’t be so obvious

Help and educate first.

People have seen the old sales pitches.  They are now want information
and want to know that they can trust you to not bombard them with
ads and try to sell them something.

You can, and probably should, monetize your blog.  But, be more sublte.  Help
your audience get what they are looking for.  Educate them.  Help them.  Then
when you have a relationship of trust, then it is a lot easier to provide them
with offers.

Step 4:  Be unique

No copy-catting allowed.

If you want to stand out and get notice, you can’t copy what everyone
else is doing.

Find an unmet need or a little appreciate audience, and go after them. 

Step 5:  Guest post

One of the best ways to drive traffic back to your site is to guest blog.

That is to say, write a post for someone else’s website or blog
and link back to your website.  

Do this over, and over, and over and….you get the point.